Thursday, February 16, 2017

January Birthstone: Garnet that Speaks Glamour Part- II

Hello everyone, welcome again! In my last blog - January Birthstone: Garnet that Speaks Glamour Part- I, we talked about the history of garnet and the variety of different garnets available in the gemstone world. Due to its rich display of color, garnet serves as a hypnotizing element in various jewelry items. From simple rings to elaborate necklaces, garnet works as a showstopper.

Garnet Jewelry - January Birthstone

How to Glam up Your Look with Garnet

Are you searching for unique jewelry? If yes, then look no further, as garnet offers a variety of options from which to choose! As a wonderfully versatile gemstone, garnet goes well in contrast to the summer palette and for all types of themes.

For centuries, this jewelry has been worn as a symbol of affection. As time has progressed, garnet is considered one of today's designer gems. Whatever the reason or whatever the mood, there is no need to think twice before grabbing a piece of this stylish jewelry.

Garnets are particularly trendy right now, meaning they'll go perfectly with many items already in your wardrobe!

Garnet Jewelry Sets

Illuminate and Enjoy Vintage Flair

The color portrayed by garnet gemstones sometimes mirrors the beauty of rubies. Thus, in ancient times, garnet was mistaken for ruby and was awarded a place in the jewels of royalty.

If you love the traditional jewelry styles, garnet is your baby. Just add this stone to any handcrafted jewelry design and enjoy the flair it brings. The exceptional hue makes this gemstone a perfect add-on to any wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a vintage style ring, earrings, necklaces or brooch, adding this gem will give you the perfect final addition.

Available in plenty of colors, garnet is one of the best choices when it comes to vintage jewelry.

Vintage Style Garnet Jewelry

Easy to Take a Contemporary Shot

While garnet infuses a beautiful vintage flair into jewelry, its incredibly beautiful hue brings the perfect modern touch required to augment any look. Showcasing its beauty in a variety of colors, this stone is my personal favorite.

I can play with this stone in many forms. If I am looking for jewelry for formal occasions, nothing can beat the charm of a rhodolite garnet tennis bracelet. Or an artisan crafted earrings laced with tsavorite garnet will do wonders to my outfit for the wedding reception. And if I am searching for something mild and refined to accessorize for a shopping date, a garnet ring comes as the ideal solution.

Matching up style with garnet jewelry is an easy job!

Garnet Jewelry: Forever and Versatile

Like diamonds, few gemstones portray a unique charisma. And garnets are one of them. The colorful brilliance of these gemstones makes you steal anyone's heart with ease. Be it a wedding, or a beach outing, a shopping date or school graduation; you can look your best with garnet jewelry.

Whether it's for you, or someone special, the versatile beauty of this gemstone never fails to impress. If you find a garnet jewelry in your grandmother's treasure trove, trust me you will surely love to wear it on your special occasion.

So, if your jewelry collection is still missing a piece of garnet jewelry, it's time to bring it home. You'll never regret your choice!

Share your garnet jewelry pictures with us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

January Birthstone: Garnet that Speaks Glamour Part- I

Happy Birthday to all those who celebrate in January! The month enjoys a beautiful birthstone, garnet. And I know every gem lover will fall in love with the brilliant hue of this gemstone.

The January birthstone, garnet appears as a sign of everlasting friendship and belief and is an excellent gift for a friend. The name garnet comes from the word granatum, which means seed, as this gemstone resembles the beautiful pomegranate seed. The use of the stone dates back to 3100 BC when garnet was used by Egyptians in the form of jewelry inlay.

Garnet represents a group of minerals that portrays their charm in a rainbow of colors, from the rich red of the pyrope garnet to the dazzling green allure of tsavorites. It's still an unknown fact for many that garnet illuminates its beauty in a variety of color! It's interesting to know that at present, Africa, Sri Lanka, and India are the most important sources of garnets.

Tiffany and Co. published birthstones poems in 1870 by an unknown author, and I am totally in love with them. Here is the beautiful poem for the January-born.

By her who in this month (January) is born
No gem save garnets should be worn;
They will ensure her constancy,
True friendship, and fidelity.

Make a New Friend with January Birthstone

As mentioned, garnet springs its beauty in various colors. Through the ages, garnets have been one of the most sought-after and prevalent gems because of their classic and splendid colors. Here is a glimpse of the most popular variants. Take a look at each and every variety and choose your favorite one as your personal birthstone for January.
  • Rhodolite Garnet: First found in 1882 in the hills of North Carolina, rhodolite garnet is a distinct pyrope-almandine member of this big family. This gorgeous variety illustrates stunning shades from pastel rose-red with clues of purple to classy grape purples with minor tones of deep rose-red.The color of this rare variety amazingly presents the exact color of the rough when removed from the mine.
Rhodolite Garnet Ring

  • Purple Garnet: Mostly, rhodolite garnet arrays from a rose to red hue. On the other hand, purple garnet gives the impression as a delightful grape color. Now, if I place a purple garnet together with a fine amethyst, I am confident that it will be difficult for you to identify garnet and amethyst. Amethyst captures purple tones with hints of blue while garnet is infused with purple and reddish tones. The luster also set these gemstones apart. Amethyst owns an enamel luster, like refined glass when cut. While purple garnet enjoys sub-adamantine luster, which is virtually diamond-like. (Know more about Purple garnet properties)
Purple Garnet Rings

  • Demantoid Garnet: Incomparable brilliance and fire are the facts that set demantoid garnet apart from the pack. And its rarity and outstanding radiance add to the value of this stone. It possesses a high refraction, yet still provides surprising distribution of light to reflect the complete spectrum of the rainbow. This is among the finest varieties.

Demantoid Garnet Ring
  • Anthill Garnet: This gemstone comes as the little surprises from the Mother Nature. This gem is picked around anthills discovered in the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. As a variation of pyrope garnet, this stone is found in the bright red color mostly linked with the gemstone and it is exceptionally uncommon to find pieces of one carat or above.
Anthill Garnet Pendant

  • Bekily Color Change Garnet: Rivaling the splendor of alexandrite, this gemstone showcases a vivid color-change effect ranging from rich brown to lively orange under different light sources. Discovered in 1990, this gemstone is rather a new addition to the family of garnets.
Bekily Color Change Garnet Rings

  • Ratnapura Hessonite Garnet: Nicknamed as “cinnamon stone,” hessonite is mined in Sri Lanka and is an exceptional burnt orange member of the garnet household. While this gemstone is high in demand in India, it's rare to discover hessonite on the US market.
Ratnapura Hessonite Garnet Bracelet

  • Tsavorite Garnet: Regarded as “The King of Garnets” tsavorite radiates fabulous green tones ranging from fresh spring-green to dusky forest-green. It's one of the most appreciated and amazing gemstone with constricted availability in the world. So, nothing can match the January birthday gift than a Tsavorite garnet.

Tsavorite Garnet Rings
  • Mozambique Garnet: Fashionable Mozambique garnet owns similarities as of the red-rose variety of garnet known as rhodolite garnet. It also comprises the blend of the minerals pyrope and almandine. Nevertheless, this variant generally covers higher applications of almandine, which offers the gem its deep wine-red brilliance.

Mozambique Garnet Rings
  • Spessaritite Garnet: First discovered in 1832, this gemstone is evident due to its bright orange hue and brilliance. You can enjoy its color variation from red-orange to pure orange to flaming yellow-orange. Taking its name and color from the monarch butterfly, this stone is an energetic add-on to any gem collection.
Spessaritite Garnet Rings
So, have you decided your favorite garnet as your January birthstone? Be sure to read part two, for more information on garnets. Learn about the more glamorous side of garnet and how this versatile stone brings a punch of traditional flair to any look.

Be sure to read part two! - January Birthstone: Garnet that Speaks Glamour Part- II

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cluster Earrings: When one is not enough!

When stud earrings don't cover your fashion demands, you need something that's outstanding, gorgeous and sparkles like your persona. What do you think you'll find? The answer is simple, classy cluster earrings.

When your heart doesn't approve of the charm of drop earrings and instead wants a little more magic; cluster jewelry is the key. Single gemstones never fail to deliver the desired sparkle, but once you set them side by side, the outcome is exquisite. However, cluster jewelry creates drama in for any style, but nothing can rival the contemporary flair of cluster earrings. This piece of jewelry is colorful, spicy and romantic.

Cluster Earrings for Women's

Celebrate every occasion in style with the audacious appeal of cluster earrings, the essence of designer jewelry pieces. Bearing a resemblance to snowflakes and other geometric, artistic designs, they fit in everywhere. If your jewelry collection still misses this glorious piece of jewelry, it's time to add this extraordinary ornament. Its versatile, trendy yet classic design caters to all fashion requirements of any modern women.
For me, earrings in a cluster design with a bouquet of colorful gemstones make it all a more dramatic, forever and multi-purpose choice to fulfill your various needs

I'm going crazy about cluster earrings! Here's why.

Decorated By Nature

Not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, not FOUR, but a whole host of beautiful rocks sparkle and shine to create an incredible effect. As the name implies, cluster earrings feature a beautiful arrangement of gems alongside each other for an unmatched sparkle. Nature is filled with a huge variety of gemstones, that when combined, brings a touch of entertainment to any outfit.
From Day to Night, and Beyond. . .

What I love about clusters is that they're flexible enough to be worn on any occasion. Searching for something to glamorize your everyday office attire? Throw on a pair of diamond cluster earrings, and you'll be surprised by the transformation it brings to dull dress suits. Feeling like your favorite dark cocktail dress is missing that extra zest? Use that same pair of earrings and bling up your dress instantly. It's a family BBQ on the weekend and still wondering what to wear? Energize a casually chic look by pairing your cluster studs with denim shorts, striped tee and a playful pair of espadrilles.

In fact, these earrings are so sophisticated that they can even be worn as a bridal accessory. Elegant yet fashionable, the delightful designs makes it an ideal accessory to complement any attire. Plus, they're versatile enough to light up your wardrobe again and again. Trust them!

Exclusive Cluster Earrings for Women

Cluster Earrings: Bringing Style Obsessions

When it comes to state-of-the-art jewelry I must admit: I am miserably addicted. It's luxurious, exceptionally rich and elegant, that it becomes difficult for me to stop with just a handful of pieces. And it's hard for me not to mention those exceptional pieces. They're a complete package perfect for jazzing up your outfit, glamming up any appearance instantly, and you don't even have to go through all your savings to grab this piece! My latest fashion crush are cluster earrings!

Stylish Cluster Earrings

A Cluster Earring for Every Occasion

With an array of colors and styles, cluster earrings are an excellent choice to garnish your look for every event. Whatever choices you make, the charisma of these earrings will dramatically alter your appearance. You can pick a diamond cluster to illuminate your office look, or a pair of butterfly earrings decorated with colorful gemstones is an exceptional choice when it comes to a beach party. You can go with dangling clusters that are perfect to spice up your evening gown. Creating a brilliant luster from every angle, these dramatically unique and versatile pieces are enough to generate a wild feel!

Cluster Earrings for Every Occasion

Is clustering up this season cool? Absolutely!

1. Perfect to Make a Statement
If in earlier times, big, iridescent, colored and super glamorous cluster earrings were a thing meant for the red carpet, cocktail parties, and other gatherings; now, it's a fashion calling for every day. It doesn't get better than this! So, if you're planning to dress flamboyantly, pick a pair of dramatically colored gemstone drop earrings. And while you're donning that pair, rock your style! A crisp office shirt, trousers or pencil skirt, delicate pumps – sound boring? Throw on a pair of these fabulous earrings. . . and you might get compliments for your excellent fashion taste!

Cluster Earrings Make a Statement

2. Exotically Colored to Match your Fun Side
Every personality has a fun side, and even I even enjoy being funny and distinct sometimes. The exoticness of these colorful earrings is a pure splendor that's perfect to complement your persona. Sometimes it's rather difficult, or you can say impossible, to choose an accessory because of a variety of things such as skin complexion, occasion, and others. Trust me; I understand how that feels! Get super stylish, exotically designed gemstone cluster earrings and transform with a chic style

Colorful Cluster Earrings
 3. Cluster Earrings Mania: What Makes Them Desirable?

Now these questions may arise:
  • What makes this fashion so essential?
  • Is it a strong desire to look chic in no time?
  • Something feminine and elegant for every personality?
  • Need to locate something perfect for ever-changing fashion styles?
  • Or is it the glamorous persona that lies in all of us?

Whatever the occasion, there's one accessory that stands boldly to remove all doubt with its elevated appearance. And to everyone's surprise, this accessory has got the advantage. For me, whether I'm running to get to the office at 8.00am, or just struggling to complete my bus ride home or just enjoying a peaceful walk to home from a nearby store, I know I'm looking my best! Girls, make sure your accessory wardrobe is filled with this easily adaptable jewelry that lends the attractive cleanness of a smart look. Isn't it brilliant?

Are you excited? Get these pieces into your jewelry box in no time as they will last for ages. Start Now! Consider some of my favorite designs.

Cluster Earrings Mania

Friday, January 13, 2017

Cluster Rings: A Versatile Choice to Make Every Occasion Memorable

This season brings a dramatic makeover in fashion choices, and one of our favorite picks is the gorgeous cluster ring! Its colorful brilliance makes it an ideal piece of fashion jewelry that's perfect for adding a distinctive flair. This exceptional jewelry item has made an impressive entry into the fashion world for the past few seasons, and without a doubt, it's here to stay. This versatile jewelry is the epitome of style, glamour, beauty and elegance. So, if your jewelry treasure collection is still missing this fabulous ring, it's time to bring it home!

Cluster Rings Collection
Jewelry is an essential part of every woman's styling. What's more important is to finalize an accessory that can transform your appearance. Go for fashionable cluster rings that stand out.

Impress Her with a Unique Cluster Engagement Ring

Every guy wants to impress his girl, especially when he's about to pop that most awaited question. Choosing the right ring for the special moment is essential. Before making a choice, be assured that you know what exactly you're looking for in an engagement ring. Solitaires are classic, but professing your love with a cluster engagement ring makes a forever impression. For me, a cluster engagement ring not only illustrates the beauty of many stones but also makes your buy affordable. So, here are few of my favorite engagement ring picks that are colorful, brilliantly designed and suits any budget.

Unique Cluster Engagement Rings for Her

Seize Her Heart Forever with Cluster Wedding Ring

A wedding is a lifetime event, and every couple wants it to be perfect. The planning includes unique decor, expensive food and beverages, excellent music and the most importantly, the best wedding ring. While this jewelry creates a special memory, it's the ring that you are going to wear for a lifetime, so choosing the perfect piece is binding for every couple. So, pick a ring that illuminates the desired fire, color and mirrors your personality. Serving that purpose beautifully, these pieces make a stunning add-on to the jewelry collection of every modern woman. So, without giving a second thought, select a cluster wedding ring and cherish the magic of that day forever.

Cluster Rings for Wedding

Glam up Your Look for Your Next Fun Party

I'm a party person and entering an event with a style that speaks my unique fashion taste is essential to me. Cluster rings make an excellent companion when it comes to a trendy look. From cocktail parties to beach parties to get-togethers with family and friends, it's easy to embellish your look with something colorful and radiant. No matter the occasion, you can be confident of your choice. These pieces instantly brighten an outfit for any event. Make your appearance effortless, chic and outstanding with beautiful cluster rings.

Selective Cluster Rings for Party

Energize your Formal Wear with Gold Cluster Rings

Formal wear portrays sophistication, thus jewelry that matches the look needs careful selection. Cluster rings come as your fashion savior. While holding a bouquet of colorful stones, these pieces are designed brilliantly to go with any style. When it comes to formals, you move into a room of mostly neutral shades, so a bright punch with a gold cluster ring will add bling to your appearance. The bold look of this ring is sufficient to energize your look for any meeting or presentation.

Cluster Rings with Formal Wear

Effortlessly Transform Your Everyday Look

Are you bored with your usual outfit? It's time to add sparkle, oomph, and zest to your everyday attire with something outstanding; and cluster rings signify their presence as regally as a Queen. Or is it comfort you prefer? If you need an all-around accessory that can effortlessly match any on-the-go outfit, you're in luck! The dramatic, sparkly and out-of-the-box look of cluster rings make you go from sham to glam in no time.

Transform your look with Cluster Rings

Tips for Wearing Cluster Rings

There are no particular rules you should follow to wear a cluster ring. All the magic lies in your choice and how you carry yourself. If you're a first-time buyer of a cluster ring, the tips mentioned below will help you boost your confidence after purchase.
  • Tip No1. - Match the Accessory with your Personality: As with any other fashion accessory, the basic and essential rule remains the same – the choice made should complement the personality of the wearer. Whatever the appearance of the ring, the main aim is to get stylish and trendy with it.

  • Tip No2. - Design Holds the Key: There is a vast scope of designs and styles for this exceptional beauty. You can look for a piece with animal-inspired, floral or antique motifs.

  • Tip No3. - Go Modern: Being your special ring, you can experiment with ways of wearing this adornment. Try to place this piece on the index or middle finger and notice the transformation in your look.

I have started shuffling my jewelry collection with the newest addition of cluster rings. So, what's stopping you? Share your latest additions with us!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Interesting Tidbits About Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Rarely has there been a gemstone that's cast such a hypnotic spell on humanity. Indeed, there are very few stones that can rival the charm of Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Available with minimal veining, the gem appears lively and bright even in its rough form. No wonder it's widely considered by many as the most beautiful turquoise variety to be ever mined.

Learning these little-known facts about this gorgeous gemstone will grow your appreciation of this gem.

Freak Accident Lead to the Discovery of this Fabulous Gem

It will come as a surprise to many that a gemstone as popular as Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise was unearthed through an accident. The excavation at the mine in Globe, Arizona was in the pursuit of copper. It was the unearthing of the rough of lovely color that led to the awakening about this gorgeous gem. Mining for this brilliant gemstone began in the '70s.

The timing of the gem to announce its arrival was spot on, as demand for turquoise with blemishless color was peaking. This colorful and flawless beauty was immediately lapped up by jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts.

Rising Demand Led to Quick Depletion of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

If you think that the discovery of this colorful beauty was unusual then it’s “end’ will surprise you even more! It was around 2012 that the value of copper took a steep climb, and the focus of mining shifted back to copper once again. This effectively sealed any chances of this variety of turquoise being made available to the public. The “production” of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stalled but its demand showed little sign of abating. As a result, its prices went overboard. However, there are a few companies, such as SHOP LC, that makes jewelry made of this fabulous stone available at great rates.

Stabilization Seals the Deal for Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

It would be interesting to note that there are companies like SHOP LC that uses “Zachery Method” to improve the color and appearance of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The method also reduces the porosity of the stone and ensures that it shows no sign of discoloring with the passage of time.

Admired and adored ever since it was first excavated, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is renowned for its flawless color compared to robin's egg blue. It's a versatile stone and is regularly used in all types of jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. We're sure that by now you know how your favorite stone was unearthed and the processes it undergoes before it appears in seductive designs, your interest has grown. You can trust online retailers such as SHOP LC to make available jewelry made of your favorite gemstone in attractive designs. All you need to do is to browse through their eclectic selection and go for the ones that you find most alluring.

Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Grab Best Online Deals from Year-End Clearance Sale?

Get ready to roll as the countdown to year's end has begun! Hold on to your Christmas celebration to get the best deals on your year-end clearance sale. Enjoy great discounts and incredible deals this holiday season on the comprehensive range of jewelry, accessories, home decor, skin care and makeup essentials.

Year End Clearance Sale
This year, skip the line and shop for a year-end clearance sale online from the convenience of your home. Several stores offer clearance sales online weeks before the year's end on a vast array of products and accessories.

The following are a few tips to increase your chances of grabbing some of the best online year-end deals:
  1. Research the Best Clearance Sales Online
    Browse through different websites to check out the best year-end deals. Ensure websites are genuine and certified, and reliable brand manufacturers and professional retailers involved in the buying and selling process. Bookmark the pages with the best year-end deals you are interested in, so that you can open them instantly. Exploring them beforehand will help you to know when and where you have to go to receive incredible savings.

  2. Sign-up to Steal the Best Year-End Clearance Deal
    Sign up ahead of time with online stores to receive exclusive discounts and coupons by email and text. You'll know about sale dates in advance, and you can be among the first to check out these year-end deals. This kick-off sale showcases a comprehensive range of exclusive products with exceptional quality at outstanding value.

  3. Compare Online Deals to Earn Additional Rewards
    Explore related websites and compare their year-end sales with maximum offers, hot deals, discount coupons, and more! You can use unique discount codes at the time of checkout to gain extra savings on your purchase. Many online retailers offer incredible deals at odd hours or announce early bird discounts. Be alert and check out hourly year-end deals as these deals brings remarkable low pricing to the products as compared to other hours of the day. Keep yourself hooked to these websites to grab additional rewards!

  4. Make the Best Use Of Gift Cards
    A lot of brands offer special privileges to their customers in the form of gift cards when they shop for a particular amount or product. While doing your shopping, calculate the price on the gift card and try to use it at the same time, as it can help bring down the price even further! If certain brands or stores don't allow using a gift card on the same day or the same purchase, then you can always swap it with another gift card at a gift card exchange site!

  5. Use a Cash Back Facility to Amplify Your Year-End Deals
    Cash back facilities give you complete satisfaction, happiness and the thought process of victory of making the right decision at the right time. Some online stores offer a cash back facility wherein they allow you to get money back on purchases! Some stores also provide points which can be redeemed against additional shopping. These days, credit card companies tie with online stores to provide a cash back facility on purchases. Make sure to check the list of banks that offer the best deals and cash back offers!

  6. Remember to Read the Policies
    Read privacy, return and shipping policies before making a purchase. As it's said, "knowing is half the battle," it's imperative to read the instructions carefully to ensure your personal data is encrypted, safe, secure, and won't be sold to a third party. Many websites offer free shipping while others apply substantial charges. Always keep an eye on the shipping dates to ensure on-time delivery of your product.

Now, the ball's in your court! Just remember the tips mentioned above, and you're set to rock out and make the most of the year-end clearance sales!